#defi on $ETH. Ethereum dApp proof-of-concepts with a decentralized finance focus

Vulcan Swap decentralized finance tool

Featured dApp: Vulcan Swap, the decentralized 'dollar-cost average' order-book execution pipeline.

Techs used: Solidity, Truffle, Drizzle, React, AWS serverless, Uniswap, mocha/chai, and jest

Smart dashboards with analytics integrations. A command center for business growth that with metrics that represent your targets.

An example custom Geckoboard with integrations

Featured project: Integration of Geckoboard with Google Analytics, Mixpanel, and on-site database queries to create custom dashboards for operations and business analysis of Youth1.com, America's #1 destination for youth sports. Case study coming soon.

Custom extensions to site functionality. Module and app development for Drupal and Django systems.

Custom Drupal module to monitor content submissions with a trust queue

Featured project: 'Content Trust' module (Drupal 6 and 7); extends the Advanced Forum module by providing automated moderation for specified types of comments and content based on a 'trust' threshold of a user's history of published content.